We invite you to explore this site and learn more about Conti Glass Corporation. You'll discover the many ways in which we're using our unique experience and technological resources to build an exciting future through innovative designs all while moving ahead in promising new directions.


Conti Glass Corporation is a custom glass and glazing company catering to the professional design trade as well as the general public. We are based out of Miami, Florida and offer our services both nationwide and abroad. We combine the art of glass with the architectural and structural design of stainless steel and other related products to achieve projects like no others in the field.


Conti Glass Corporation is owned and operated by Mr. Horacio R. Leal who has been in the glass and glazing industry since 1977. We have a complete staff of professional engineers, draftsmen, installers, and fabricators with many years of experience who will make any project a reality.


Our success has been due to a strong focus on our clients and their specific job requirements. From the beginning, we've encouraged innovators and given them the resources to build their dreams. We have also worked hard to provide people throughout the corporation with significant challenges and opportunities for professional growth. Today, we've moved beyond the common glass business and pioneered as one of the leading providers for architectural glass in the industry. At the same time, we continue to stress both entrepreneurial management and high standards of performance and accountability in all of our projects.


Our standard of quality meets and exceeds that of the decorative glass industry as does our commitment to serving our client’s needs. Whether for interior or exterior application, our solutions in custom glass provide your project with striking installations that are visually compelling and captivating. Our purpose is to provide the broadest capability in decorative glass designs and fabrication that is sensitive to the users and environment in which they serve.